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Answering life's
infinite questions

Good Enough is a place for content aimed at getting optimized. The goal is to find good enough answers to life's infinite questions, from "What should my values be?" to "What is the value of an electric toothbrush?"


Helping (90%)

  • Live your values

  • Make good decisions 

    • Build good heuristics - Consider multiple solutions and perspectives before solving a problem. Codify your lessons learned.

    • Measure the right metrics - It's better to be vaguely right than precisely wrong.

    • Reconsider often - Spend ~10% of your time considering what you should be spending the rest of your time on. Reconsider your plans at a set time every year.

  • Gather support

    • Wealth - Stay lean and reality test your assumptions.

    • Wisdom - Be generous in listening but skeptical of believing.

    • Work - Get great at communicating, build your team, and improve the machine.


Happiness (9%)

  • Social relationships

    • Partners - Partner with your best friend, someone you love spending boring Tuesdays with.

    • Friends - You are the sum of your 5 closest contacts so prioritize them.

    • Social living - Live in a great setting where you get positive social contact daily.

  • Focus on experience 

    • Create Novelty - Do something you have never done before once a week.

    • Create Calm - Create a space every day for calm personal time.

    • Create Flow - Cultivate flow in aspects of your job and in your major hobbies.

  • Cultivate a good attitude 

    • Optimism - See the best in situations and people.

    • Antifragility - Increase in capability to thrive as a result of stressors, volatility, or failures.

    • Maximize one thing - And cultivate contentedness and 90/10 on all the others.

Health (0.9%)

  • Habits

  • Mental health

  • Physical health

    • Sleep - Sleep 8+ high-quality hours at the same time.

    • Eat - Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

    • Exercise - Use your feet to get to work and do a 10-minute workout daily.




I co-authored the Charity Entrepreneurship handbook, How to Launch a High-Impact Nonprofit that is available now on Amazon. We distilled our experience, advice, and expertise into this full-length guide on how to start your own organization from scratch. You can learn how the practical know-how of lean start-ups can be combined with effective and altruistic thinking, and take the first step in your journey toward making a difference.




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My name is Joey Savoie. I'm the Co-founder and Director of Strategy at Charity Entrepreneurship. By night, I continue to apply optimization principles to other aspects of life. I am pretty obsessed with getting good enough (read: imperfect, but still analytically and systematically considered) answers to relevant life questions. This website was inspired by enough people being interested in my principles and life optimizations that it seemed high value to publish them publicly. Huge credit to Ray Dalio and his book Principles for inspiring a more formal and systematic description of my values. I share his wish for more people to share their life principles so we can learn and grow from each other.



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